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The Mandalorians is lead by a Mandalore (Mandalor the Lesser united the clans after century's of fragmentation and is replaced by Mandalore the Vindicated) with below him Chiefswho ruled the individual clans
Here follows a list of different clans:
Clan Cadera was not supportive of the Mandalore to join forces with the Empire and wished to aid the republic
Clan Farr is allied with the Order of Revan
Clan Fett
Clan Jendri
Clan Lok has as notable member Artus Lok (later known as Mandalore the Vindicated)
Clan Lone
Clan Ordo
Clan Rodarch are know for keeping Asharl Panthers and eventually adopted the panther as their mascot and painted their armour in a similar fashion
Clan Rook is actually a false clan founded by the criminal Tayari Rook who makes unsubstantiated claims to be a Mandolorian. It comprises a number of pirates and slavers
Clan Spar participated in the Sacking of Coruscant but was later bertayed by clan Rook
Clan Varad has a number of secret bases in the Tamarin Sector they developed an aggressive and violent reputation among the Mandalorian community. Their Chief, Mavrix Varad, clashed on numerous occasions with Mandalore the Vindicated on a personal level and they where no longer welcome on Geonosis and before long they openly turned on the Mandalore, attacking both the Republic and the Empire
Clan Vizsla
Clan Jennis
Clan Sharratt