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Hi all!

I am Bell'ona from Impulse and you might have bumped into me on warzones sometime. I do mostly PvP nowadays and would like to see more teams to play ranked and generally get more coverage to the servers PvP scene. I think Nutpens RWZ league is a good example of an good effort.

So I decided to create a website, that would gather all the stuff related to ToFN PvP tournaments in one place. Including standings, schedules, results, teams and so on. My purpose is to gather links to streams and other content much as possible, here is an example. I was hoping that I would have time to do interviews with GM's and other stuff later. So please check it out and write some comments or wishes about contents or functionalities.

Currently I am covering Nutpens RWZ Champions League and I hope there will be lot of other smaller and bigger tournaments in the future.

Alright, looks great.. Now STOP doing that and REROLL to rep side ty.
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