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I would imagine that in an era where stygium crystals are readily available, warships would stock magnetic tracking ordnance for just such an occasion. The only tricky part is figuring out when they're needed, so if biologicals are felt through the Force, the Sith fire the missiles along the hyperspace route at the edge of the gravity well and let the seekers do their work.
Well here's what I'm disputing. The Christophsis episode made it seem as if in order to track a ships magnetic signature, the ship must be decloaked. The plus side being that once you've tracked it the ship can't escape by recloaking. I expect the reason behind this is that the ship itself needs something it can detect in order to start tracking, you can't just do a wide scan over some random area and hope you get lucky. The ship needs a target to lock on to.

But concerning the MSG, you make a good point. Without Bao-Dur the MSG is practically useless... so I'm going to have to introduce a minor rule change to prevent this factor I introduced from becoming completely nullified. Based on the principal of "well in a real Kaggath", Bao-Dur would be helping with the Restoration Project on Telos IV so its likely that if G0-T0 wanted to reactivate the device he would hunt down Bao-Dur and force him to help. Bao-Dur wouldn't need much persuading however as he seems to be very much against the Sith. This is in minor conflict with the rule: No outside help of any kind, the combatants cannot call upon assets outside their power base, or other prominent powers. This excludes allies of the era. But then again Bao-Dur is not an ally, asset or prominent power. I hope you'll accept this minor rule change. (Disturbing thought: if Traya suspects such a plan she might have him 'disappear' )

But back to the battle, let's not forget what we're dealing with here. A small army of stealthed HK-50 assassin droids armed with advanced weaponry and most importantly anti-stealth technology. What this means primarily is that the Academy won't see the attack coming, nor will any sentries (if there any) and for that matter, nor will any storm beasts. So the droids and effectively move silently and safely towards the academy without encountering a single threat.

Granted they'll definitively be stealthed assassins surrounding the entrance, who will likely pick up on oscillations, but that doesn't really matter. The stealth tech is only needed to get them to the Academy, once there at the entrance, they'll decloak, activate the anti-stealth tech and start firing. Let's also remember that force pikes won't have an electifiying effect on droids, although they will do damage. And anti-stealth tech will catch them off guard, leaving them open to vaporisation. Then they just move into the academy rinse and repeat, or alternatively recloak and see if any forces come out to investigate and keep doing that until they get wise and stop coming. Also, can we be more specific concerning these 'kill zones'? Because I'm sure they're are many ways to get around them. Nothing short of blowing up the bridge is going to stop those droids, which would work in G0-T0's favour anyway.

Let's also remember that droids don't wear down. Attrition rates will be extremely low because they only way to stop them is to blast them to pieces, these droids won't retreat, they won't surrender. They'll keep blasting organics until the planet blows up. There is no need to get off the planet, if the attack fails, G0-T0 can just make more.

Let's also remember all that the HKs have to do is keep the academy busy, and stop any assassins from attempting to prevent the MSG's reactivation. So success rates aren't really that important, these guys aren't looking to win - just give Traya a false illusion.