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Hands of Darkness Guild Member Spotlight -Yavmiran

Who are you?

I am an accountant from Sweden, or rather, that is my cover story. I’m actually a secret agent in real life. So playing as an Imperial agent just seemed like the natural choice, really. I have to admit that, as a fan of the Kotor games, I was disappointed when I heard they were going to turn it into a MMORPG. I had this image that those type of games were only filled with ***** and the only drama you’ would get would be the out of character kind. Now, it turned out that The Old Republic was indeed filled with *****, but I discovered that they were also bloody good at RP and fun to hang out with, so here I am.

Who is your character?

My main is the Chiss Aekuyav’mira’nuruodo, though within the Empire she is officially known as Lieutenant Yavmiran of the 166th Imperial Infantry. However, being an Agent of the Hands of Darkness, this is simply one of many aliases she has.

Born on Csilla, she has always had pride in being a “proper” Chiss, but since her transfer from the Ascendancy to the Ministry of Intelligence, Yavmiran has had to cope with the conflict of retaining that which makes her a Chiss and the increasingly unorthodox methods and tactics she needs to employ in order to achieve her goals now that she has entered the world of the Sith.

When did you first start RP-ing and why?

The first time I had real Roleplaying experience was when I was studying in England. Some friends of mine were trying to create a new pen and paper setting and rules to use, and I basically asked if I could join in and see what all the fuss was about. There were so many great moments and I had so much fun that I got hooked on Roleplaying.

What has been your favourite Guild RP moment so far?

There have been so many so far, I’m not sure I’d be able to pick out a definitive favourite moment. The ones I’ve enjoyed the most though have been the long-term arcs that have a buildup, such as when Yavmiran got her ship stolen, or when she had to use “enhanced interrogation techniques” multiple times in order to get a hold of some important documents.

The most recent one though has to be when Yavmiran and Tlaena were tasked with retrieving a stolen Holocron. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as to how it would go, but that arc just seemed to flow so naturally, culminating on a self-destructing ship, with Republic troopers pouring in from all sides.
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