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You make a good point, and this demands a tactical reassessment. Given these variables and others, G0-T0 will likely dispatch a large group (say 30-50) of HK-50 assassin droids equipped with stealth generators and advanced weaponry on stealthed vessels. If Traya employs interdiction tactics the droids will be pulled out of hyperspace, but remain undetected (lets be clear, even if there were biologicals on-board the Sith would be powerless to stop them - in order to track a magnetic signature the vessel has to decloak) and then skirt around and jump to hyperspace again.
Another drawback common to both [hybridium and stygium cloaking devices] was that a cloaked ship could be tracked was by the ship's magnetic signature. This tactic, used mostly by Separatist commander Admiral Trench, allowed tracking torpedoes to be fired and follow the ship even if it was cloaked.
~Wookiepedia, "Cloaking Device"
I would imagine that in an era where stygium crystals are readily available, warships would stock magnetic tracking ordnance for just such an occasion. The only tricky part is figuring out when they're needed, so if biologicals are felt through the Force, the Sith fire the missiles along the hyperspace route at the edge of the gravity well and let the seekers do their work.

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Once they arrive above Malachor, send down probes to scout out the Academy and the MSG, then deploy transport pods disguised as debris to the scouted location. About the MSG, after doing some more research on it it would seem that destroying/disabling it would be all but impossible. The MSG itself must be buried deep within the planets crust because the Remote never actually interacts with it directly. It merely powers up some engine cores from broken vessels to power the MSG and reactivate it. So really there is no way of getting to it, or disabling it, let alone moving it. However this also means Traya has no means of sabotaging it, and will likely not know how important the crashed vessels are to reactivating it, its very unlikely she will attempt to close them off. That also gives the assassins nothing to guard...
Now here's where things are starting to get a little speculative. No one actually knows what the MSG is or looks like. Only Bao-Dur, the weapon's progenitor, really understood how it worked. His remote, operating on his programming and specific instructions, was able to prime the MSG and power it by rigging ship's drive cores. Since Bao-Dur is not available for this Kaggath, G0-T0 has no reliable way of figuring out how to reactivate the MSG.

If it is buried underground, the droids won't be able to access it to figure out how to reactivate it. If it is accessible for study and manipulation, then Traya will have had it destroyed or removed. So the MSG scenario does not seem feasible given the circumstances. It's not like G0-T0 can look up the schematics on the MSG, it was a one of a kind weapon designed by a genius Zabrak military engineer. He didn't exactly leave an instruction manual.

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So the HKs will split up into two groups, one group will go with some slicer droids to power up the ship cores and prime the MSG, and the remainder will go and cause a distraction at the Trayus Academy. Granted the Sith aren't going to walk into an obvious trap, and even if they do cause some ruckus, will have no reason to come out. Even so with stealth tech and advanced weaponary the droids will do some considerable damage inside. Lets remember that it didn't completely consist of narrow hallways and corridors, there were large open space too, where an offensive could be staged.
Sure, once the fighting gets inside the Academy there are a variety of spaces. However, a good defensive layout would capitalize on the narrow bridge leading into the Academy and set up efficient kill zones in every room. There is the possibility of infiltration, but that is true for both sides. The HK-50 droids will be patrolling for stealthed Assassins, just as the Assassins will be patrolling the Academy for stealthed intruders. There is a roughly equal detection chance, so stealth attacks will not be a deciding factor in one direction or another.

But as you mentioned, there's no need for the Sith to try to fight their way out. Far simpler to bleed the attacking forces out and let Malachor slowly kill them off. They could not lay siege for long, since attrition rates would likely be high if they tried to wait outside the Academy. And getting off the planet would be almost impossible, when the invaders attempt to leave, stealthed assassins could follow them and signal the position of their landing craft to the Sith Fleet, which could intercept them and fire tracking torpedoes at their ships as they left Malachor. Or just do what the HK-50s did on Telos and fire a shoulder launched rocket at each ship, damaging them enough that they crash into Malachor and are destroyed.

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And for the record, sentries are highly unlikely even against a non-stealthed force. Malachor V is extremely hazardous to invaders and its inhabitants, if Sith attempt to venture out and set up ambushes, they are more likely to succumb to poisonous gases or be mauled by Storm beasts before G0-T0's forces arrive.
In ordinary circumstances, it wouldn't be worthwhile to send out sentries. However, under imminent threat of attack, it is utterly foolish not to send out regular patrols (in force to deal with the Storm beasts) in order to spot approaching hostiles. And I'm sure the people living in the Academy on Malachor would know enough to either wear Sith Armor with rebreather systems, or to bring along an air filtration mask for the patrol.

If Malachor is so prohibitively dangerous that its impossible to patrol at all (some casualties are acceptable, these are the Sith after all) then it is equally likely that the invaders will be killed off as it is for the Sith forces. An attack on the Trayus Academy becomes increasingly unlikely to succeed in that case.
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