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Given that this is 45 pages long now, likely it's been voiced already, but as a customer's opinion, I'd repeat it even then. (...)
(...) -- then you get what you deserve by losing me as a subscriber, security questions or no.
I had my account hacked in other mmorpg (which I played for almost 6 years) and I was the most carefull as a user can be, I didn't deserve what happened to me in that case. If a hacker wants to hack your account he will, we just have to make their life as harder as possible, and trust the people that looks up for our accounts security do their best to avoid it.

You should follow the advice of Ruhrpottpatriot
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For those who didn't have the chance to read Phillips posts, here are the links, which explain in great detail why the new system is actually better: (Courtney's starting post) (First reply) (Second reply) (Third reply) (Fourth reply)

I really urge you to read his posts, they are very detailed and explain why the change is a good thing.
Apparently some people like you didn't even bother to look at that posts, like Ruhrpottpatriot said: "I really urge you to read his posts(...)". Not only you but everyone, before posting here.
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