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03.10.2013 , 03:12 AM | #1
I have been thinking about this for awhile: Legacy Banks! This is a really great idea. It would reduce lag because when you mail items between legacy characters, it creates lag. By implementing Legacy Banks, the people who use this would have a great opportunity for more ways to transfer items from character to character instead of just mailing items. You can use this bank to move items around between Legacy characters much easier. In the game you should be able to put your legacy gear into this bank and be able to use it on some other character you have. Also it should change whatever gear you put in it to reflect what it looks like when previewed by a different class, or faction. For example: Aim/Endurance looks different as Empire gear versus Republic gear. The preview should reflect Faction. This should not be brushed aside as another stupid idea because it is often talked about in General chat and Forums. I would like for everyone in Development to consider making this happen. It is another way to improve an awesome game that is enjoyed by many!!!