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Hi Guys,
Just noticed we weren't on the list. Would it be alright to add us to it?

Guild Name: Warriors of the Repulbic
Faction: Republic
Guild Website:
What we cover (PvE/PvP/Dailys/Weeklys/Flashpoints/Operations/Rated PvP): We do most of these. Probs not Rated PvP though.
Who we cater for (Casual/Full-time/Faimily/Kids): Mainly Casual players, but quite mixed
Guild Master: Aikell
Guild Officers: Loia, Chienna, Shazi
In-game Contatcts: The above officers, otherwise Caelis, Excrucior, Xaffom or Jiirn, Ppa.
Sister Guild (other Faction): Warriors of the Empire
Voice Comms (Mumble/Teamspeak/Ventrilo): Mumble
Operation Days/Times: Generally Friday's and Saturdays - sometimes Sundays.
Operation Progression: Currently learning HM EC and TFB
PvP/Rated Warzones: Some of us enjoy late night PvP binges.
Recruiting (Yes/No): Not actively, but we welcome anyone.
Currently Recruiting (Classes/Roles/Levels): All classes. Short on tanks mainly.
About Us/Description/Info: Warriors of the Republic are mainly a casual guild, interested in bits and pieces of everything. We have a couple groups dedicated to ops, and mainly casual PvP.