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I think a good way for swtor to make more money off us is to create your lightsaber and send it to you. First you would request that swtor would make you a lightsaber and you start with two options:
A. Name an "in game" lightsaber you want made for you and name the color you want it in.
B. Ask swtor to check your account and specified character for your main hand or offhand lightsaber. If so, they will send an email confiming the the lightsaber you want crafted.
Then they ask what type of lightsaber you would like them to craft:
A. A flick lightsaber.
B. A light lightsaber.
C. A light and spring lightsaber.
D. A force FX lightsaber with stand with your characters title and name engraved/printed on it. For example, Acolyte Modaw, Lord Modaw, Darth Modaw, Padawan Modaw, Jedi Modaw, Master Modaw (Modaw being one of my characters names).
Then swtor will ask you different sizes of the blades or the age of the reciever/user, determining the size of the blade.
Then swtor will send you a price (option D. will be expensive) and order confirmation and they will craft your lightsaber and ship it to you.