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@bright That was really beautiful. I like the idea that things about Ruth still surprised Wynston after years together. I can also see how this would be a better substitute for thrilling, thrilling can often just require a bigger and bigger high. Very dangerous for an adrenaline junkie who already lives dangerously.
Someone accustomed to snap judgment, skimming and running, might be pleasantly surprised by the long discovery process of getting to know one person in depth. Vaguely related to the story, I almost fell over the first time I heard my husband singing, and yes, he was my husband by the time I caught it. Where do these things come from?! And why on Earth would one hide it (assuming one doesn't have to keep up the stern appearance of a Sith lord, I guess)? (Also I totally abuse "write what you know" for the kernels of some of these stories.)

Now that I've heard an example of Imperial Agent VA Bertie Carvel's marvelous singing skill I'm going to headcanon Wynston as being unable to carry a tune in a bucket. Just for fun.
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