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That's an awfully specific set of circumstances. I'm sure that the Sith forces will cooperate and play right into this blatant ambush. Just as they wouldn't post any sentries to detect hostile forces approaching the Academy, or have a QRF standing by near the MSG where it would actually be needed.

If we're going to operate under the assumption that Traya's forces are not only tactically inept, but also lethally stupid, then this Kaggath is a wrap for G0-T0.
You make a good point, and this demands a tactical reassessment. Given these variables and others, G0-T0 will likely dispatch a large group (say 30-50) of HK-50 assassin droids equipped with stealth generators and advanced weaponry on stealthed vessels. If Traya employs interdiction tactics the droids will be pulled out of hyperspace, but remain undetected (lets be clear, even if there were biologicals on-board the Sith would be powerless to stop them - in order to track a magnetic signature the vessel has to decloak) and then skirt around and jump to hyperspace again.

Once they arrive above Malachor, send down probes to scout out the Academy and the MSG, then deploy transport pods disguised as debris to the scouted location. About the MSG, after doing some more research on it it would seem that destroying/disabling it would be all but impossible. The MSG itself must be buried deep within the planets crust because the Remote never actually interacts with it directly. It merely powers up some engine cores from broken vessels to power the MSG and reactivate it. So really there is no way of getting to it, or disabling it, let alone moving it. However this also means Traya has no means of sabotaging it, and will likely not know how important the crashed vessels are to reactivating it, its very unlikely she will attempt to close them off. That also gives the assassins nothing to guard...

So the HKs will split up into two groups, one group will go with some slicer droids to power up the ship cores and prime the MSG, and the remainder will go and cause a distraction at the Trayus Academy. Granted the Sith aren't going to walk into an obvious trap, and even if they do cause some ruckus, will have no reason to come out. Even so with stealth tech and advanced weaponary the droids will do some considerable damage inside. Lets remember that it didn't completely consist of narrow hallways and corridors, there were large open space too, where an offensive could be staged.

And for the record, sentries are highly unlikely even against a non-stealthed force. Malachor V is extremely hazardous to invaders and its inhabitants, if Sith attempt to venture out and set up ambushes, they are more likely to succumb to poisonous gases or be mauled by Storm beasts before G0-T0's forces arrive.

However there is the possibility that the plan could go wrong, Traya might have a vision of the future. Or she might simply get 'nervous' when she foresees or simply sees an army of HK-50s attacking the planet, knowing that there is a dangerous superweapon nearby, that they would likely attempt to reactivate. So there is a high probality she might attempt an escape and flee to Korriban. Now alot of people have put forward argument for G0-T0 finding Traya on Korriban, but killing her is a whole different story. Without the MSG they'll have to do this 'manually'.