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Concerning attacking the Trayus Academy, firstly the battle by no means has to occur inside the Academy. The best tactic will to be set up a 'blockade' in the large open space before the entrance. And then cause some ruckus to draw them out. This gives them an advantage as any Sith venturing out of the Academy will have to do so through a single small entrance, and will walk straight into awaiting blaster fire. This also gives the attackers the advantage of range, putting the Sith at a disadvantage. It will also give the inhabitants the false illusion they are attempting to lay siege to the Academy and preventing anyone from reinforcing the MSG. And lets remember if G0-T0 gets hold of some anti-stealth tech then the stealth generators will become useless, so they cannot sneak behind enemy lines.

So instantly the Sith lose the advantage of close-quarters combat, in order to bring their weapons to bear they have to get up close. Sure they have Sith Commandos with blasters and grenades. But they'll be going up against mercenaries, assassins and droids with the best tech G0-T0 can outfit them with.
That's an awfully specific set of circumstances. I'm sure that the Sith forces will cooperate and play right into this blatant ambush. Just as they wouldn't post any sentries to detect hostile forces approaching the Academy, or have a QRF standing by near the MSG where it would actually be needed.

If we're going to operate under the assumption that Traya's forces are not only tactically inept, but also lethally stupid, then this Kaggath is a wrap for G0-T0.

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Now I'm no expert, but if a Gand manages to get up close to an assassin, and uses piercing touch, there is nothing that assassin can do to stop him. At close range he cannot bring the tip of his pike to bear, if he raises his pike in defense the Gand will punch through it (hence it will break) and slam into his chest. Dead assassin.
I'm not denying the attack's existence, merely that you can't reasonably expect it to be used to strike the assassin's weapon every time. It's a fairly narrow set of circumstances you've established there, almost like something you'd see in a cheesy Western, shooting guns out of people's hands or something.

Any trained killer, if he gets close to you, will kill you. There is nothing anyone can do about that. If the assassin gets in a strike first, the Gand dies. If the Gand gets in a strike, the assassin dies. Now, a force pike seems similar to a weapon with which I am intimately familiar, the bayonet. It's a weapon with reach, but a narrow killing surface on the end. You primarily thrust, and if they evade your first cut, step diagonally and follow up with shallow cuts. If the Gand is in a position to punch the handle of the pike, it means he's already gotten past the assassin's weapon and the assassin would be dead regardless of the Gand's particular weapons.

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As for Trandoshans, let's remember that the stun module is at the tip of the pike, so a Trandoshan with wall stature and long arms can dodge the initial jab and then respond with a thwack to the unelectrified part of the pike, or simply grab it and wrench it away. Both leave the assassin open to attack.
Again, we're down to debating the minutae of hand to hand combat. Naturally, a large Trandoshan will be capable in this respect, but remember that Sith Assassins are no slouches when it comes to melee combat. Not to mention that they will be quite familiar with the handling of their chosen weapons.

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What does pose a problem though however, is the MSG, has you said it could have been rendered inoperable. However the MSG is likely buried into the planet's crust as it managed to survive the destruction of the planet despite being at the center of the chaos, so destroying it completely will be very difficult. However the caves could be collapsed, and yet it may not be in Traya's best intentions to do this as the MSG provides her with a means of destroying G0-T0.
Preserving the MSG in the hopes that it will provide a way to kill G0-T0 is akin to wearing a suicide vest and giving the detonator to a random passerby. If Traya is going to move the MSG to Nar Shadaa and destroy G0-T0, then it won't be on Malachor for him to detonate. If she's not going to use it to lay waste to G0-T0's stronghold, then she'll have disabled it and booby-trapped it from one end of the system to the other.

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Another problem is getting to Malachor V in the first place. However the point you make about stealth generators would only be valid if this battle was occurring in a different era where supply of stygium crystals were rare, and other less crystals such as hibridium would be used as substitutes. However in this era stygium has not yet become rare and therefore is likely to be used as stealth tech. Negating the disadvantages of 'double-blind'. Lets also remember that not all Sith had the ability of 'Force sight' and likely only Traya would be able to see through cloaking devices. Evident through the fact that Meetra could not see the cloaked assassins, the Jedi could not see the Emperor's cloaked space fortress, neither could they see Maul cloaked Scimitar despite it flying right over the Jedi Temple and Anakin almost walked into a stealth ship during the Battle of Christophsis.
Actually, any well trained Force sensitive would be able to detect the sudden arrival or another presence in the Force when the fleet is pulled out of hyperspace. And cloaking devices cannot mask the magnetic signature of the ships, allowing missiles to home in on them (as seen in the battle of Chrystophsis) so the Sith fleet would also be able to target the ships once they left hyperspace.

Maul was probably actively disguising his presence in the Force, something the mercenaries would not be trained to do. The same goes for Meetra not being able to detect the assassins. Since they were trained in Force camouflage and equipped with stealth generators, they would be able to evade both forms of detection until the last moment.

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And luckily G0-T0 has lots of droid pilots able to navigate Malachor's storms, either that or jettison transport pods disguised as falling debris. However you make a good point about interdiction, that is after all how Traya defeated Exar Kun in the last battle and could definitely be applied here. But lets say G0-T0's little stealthed fleet is pulled out of hyperspace en route to Malachor V. For one they will remain stealthed so Traya will have no means of knowing whether they have been pulled or not, and from that point they can simply skirt around the ships in realspace until they exit the interdiction field and then jump to hyperspace again. Simples. *eek*
Unless the task force consists exclusively of droids, their presence in the Force will be detected, and they will be destroyed with magnetic seeking torpedoes.
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