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03.09.2013 , 12:47 PM | #4
I like the idea they could be lots of fun. Another Class I thought would be fun would be a Raider.
Class- Raider

Roles- Ranged Dps, Melee Dps

Armor- Medium

Weapons- Snipers, Blaster Rifles (Bowcasters), Techstaffs, Techblades

Advance Classes-
Hunter- Talents increase ranged shooting = Sniper and Blaster Rifles
Barbarian- Talents equal out to fast melee = Techstaffs and techblades

Special about class- Raiders can use companions while in full group or operation (Example: Hunter in Warcraft)
A downfall to this class probably would have to be weaker then a sentienel or maurader to equal out having a companion in full group/operation

For Species if they unlock Nautolan or Togruta I would be EXTREAMLY happy but a Gammorian would fit nicely into this class also. I would also like running around as a Mon Calamari all these species would make this the best game for me in the world (already is but it would make it even better )