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03.09.2013 , 10:42 AM | #30
There's only once place I find keypad movement helpful--the bombers on the Station Defense mission. The move-and-aim combo lets you burn them down with guns only without taking much damage. Makes the later part much easier.

Everywhere else, mouse movement alone is plenty.

Incidentally, I found a far superior approach to the Station Assault than what I had been using before. If you completely destroy the first frigate at the beginning of the mission and then take out all the high position satellites before the sith/jedi ship first shows up, then you get a free, easy look at a torpedo shot on the comm array you wouldn't otherwise get. Very helpful; makes the whole mission a snap. Like the lower level station assaults, you end up flying around waiting to drop off one last torpedo at the end of the mission (the bridge of the captial ship in this case).