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If PvP/ PVE is your endgame focus, we are the guild for you!

We are:

We’re a newer, growing Imperial guild with valor ranks ranging from Warlord, Conqueror and War Hero down to sub-50s. We run daily pre and post 50 war zone groups, plus ranked matches. We hve TS3 for our chat server where must of have good conversations. We have a guild bank and master crafters of almost every kind to help you get geared. We believe in being inclusive and helping our own. We also have a scheduled OPS night for people who still enjoy the PVE side of the game. We are a social guild first and foremost and we enjoy having fun. We may not win all of our matches in PVP and we may wipe a few times in a PVE ops. But, I promise we have alot of fun while we are doing it!

We are looking for:

Mature Imperial players of any level or skill level who want to improve their PvP or their PVE game. Please be 18+ and have TS3 and a headset. If you’re a new transfer, or your current guild is dead or dying, check us out.

We are not:

We are not elitist or exclusive. We’ll give almost anyone a chance to prove themselves. We have precious little tolerance for drama and hope you don’t either. Time is the currency you spend playing this game and we want to make the most of it. So if you are looking for good people to enjoy a game with please check us out. Post here, send me a pst, or send me a pst in game.
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