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True, but Gand are small and maneuverable and therefore more able to avoid full-on blows, a glancing blow is likely to do little damage. Also, the double-bladed weapon has several exploitable weaknesses, amplified by the fact that the stun module is at the tip of the weapon.
  • It is difficult to bring to bear in close-combat conditions, and as the stun module is only at the tip and it possess and large hilt it is extremely vulnerable to the Gand 'piercing touch' - basically a high-powered punch that will easily break apart a force pike and slam into squishy assassin flesh. Trandoshans have similar capabilities, slap the pike away with those powerful arms then lift the assassin up high and crack!
This is an incredibly illogical statement. The Gand do not have a "piercing touch", they just have chitinous fingers which can be used as a stabbing implement. If you're suggesting that they will punch the force pikes apart, you clearly have no idea how close quarters fighting tends to work.

The stun module comprises the top portion of the pike, thus giving the user reach and distance. They can be further from their enemy while still murdering him to pieces with the powered end of the Force pike. As for the Trandos "slapping" the pikes away, that is equally ridiculous. Unless these assassins forget everything they know about killing, they'll be stabbing the Trandos with the pikes. You don't exactly "slap away" a high powered force pike without being shocked into a gibbering pile of spasmodic flesh.

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  • The defensive capabilities of the weapon are rendered further useless by the fact that they are unable to deflect blaster fire as a lightsaber would be. If their opponents can make some distance, the assassins are extremely vulnerable.
In the hallways and corridors of the academy, or in the twisting passageways of Malachor's surface, the stealthed assassins would have a fairly easy time moving in close. Of course, the assassins will be moving under cover fire from Sith Troopers and Commandos, and there will be lightsaber wielding Sith protecting those troopers. So those vaunted senses of the mercenaries will not be quite so useful in the chaotic din of battle, making it quite simple for assassins to sneak in and wreak havoc among G0-T0's forces during any engagement.

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However like you said, the real Sith pose a considerable threat. However if G0-T0 has his HKs he's got an edge against them, sonic screamers, flamethrowers, carbonite projectors, cluster rockets etc. will break their concentration and leave them vulnerable to attack from his other forces.
Most of those weapons, while effective in individual engagements, have the tendency to also hit your own people if you're not careful. So while they will have weapons which are useful against lightsaber wielding adversaries, there are also the conventional Sith forces to contend with, who will happily blast the HK-50 droids to pieces with assault carbines, grenades, and repeating blasters.

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Lets also remember that the attack on the academy only needs to be a distraction while the droids get the MSG back online and reactivate it.
Assuming it hasn't been collapsed, sabotaged, or completely destroyed by Traya's forces. If she intends to remain on Malachor V, it would be a logical step to render the MSG inoperable. Or better yet, booby-trap it to detonate or destroy the people trying to activate it. Then follow up with a quick response force to finish off those who survived.

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But anyway, its impossible to have a fleet in orbit around Malachor V because of its sheer gravitational pull. Granted it is not strong as when the MSG was activated but nonetheless any large ship entering its orbit will be pulled in and crash. And that's before navigating web of debris surrounding it.

Granted a fleet could be placed at a distance from the planet, and deploy gravitation weapons, but that's not really going to have much effect. G0-T0 fleet is heading to the planet, so they can't really be pulled out of hyperspace as the drop out at that point anyway. And even if they are the ships won't detect them because they will be stealthed.
Stealth technology is not infallible. In fact, it might be completely useless for this operation.
The hibridium model cloaking device's worst drawback was perhaps the "double-blind" nature of the cloaking shield, which also blocked the host ship's scanners and communication systems. Crews and passengers on cloaked ships were unable to peer beyond the cloak's shroud. Since visual navigation was impossible, any other form of navigation could only be exercised by preprogramming astrogation routes. The vessel was thus effectively isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Communications, combat operations, and sensor sweeps could only occur when the cloaking field was lowered or disabled. The cloaking device did nothing to impair senses dependent on the Force, however, and trained Force users could detect even cloaked ships in battle with ease.
~Cloaking device entry on Wookiepedia
So not only can the Sith force users easily detect the ships coming out of hyperspace, but they can deploy gravity generators and warships along the hyperspace lanes leading to Malachor, thus pulling G0-T0's ships unexpectedly out of hyperspace. They might not even have time to activate their stealth generators before being destroyed.
(For the record, this tactic is the space-variant of a basic naval operation called interdiction. It's been a staple of naval forces since the Peloponnesians plied the Mediterranean Sea in galleys.)

Furthermore, how would G0-T0's mercenaries navigate their way to Malachor while cloaked? There are no programmed routes, and only an exceptionally skilled pilot or droid could manually fly down to the surface. That sure isn't happening while they're stealthed.
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