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I have watched them all, but the problem is, most of what he's saying can be applied to the Original Trilogy to, this is why I never will or have understood the PT vs OT, I literally don't see the major differences, a lot of what the OT fans claim is bad about the Prequels, an be applied very easily to a lot of stuff in the OT.

I would just like to confirm that I'm not a major fan of the films at all, far more interested in the Expanded Universe, perhaps I am not wearing rose-tinted glasses for this bash-off.
Episodes IV and V are pretty solid films, assuming you don't mind the broad premises of the Empire and the Rebellion. But the thing is, neither of those things really need to be explained for the films to work. Since none of the EU existed when the films were made, they set their own premises. Now, the Death Star was a rather silly contraption, but it fit the theme of the Empire.

The only real issues I can see with the prequels are that they don't represent the scale of the Empire very well, but that's mostly due to financial limitations on the special effects. Aside from that, the characters are really vibrant and their interactions are memorable. The characters from the prequels just fall flat.
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