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Force pikes are vibro-edged weapons. Their combat power settings can cut through flesh, bone, and thin durasteel with ease. I doubt the exoskeletons of the Gand will prove very resilient to these weapons, although the frames of the HK-50 droids might hold up a little better.

Furthermore, the Assassins are hardly the only Sith forces around. There are also the acolytes, apprentices, and Sith Lords at the Trayus Academy who will absolutely devastate any invading forces at close range.

Also, why would the mercenaries be "able to do that to much greater effect"? The Exile was a Jedi, with heightened senses due to the Force. Likely her perceptions were stronger than those of Trandoshans or Gand, or perhaps roughly equivalent. So the stealth skills of the Assassins would still be quite dangerous to G0-T0's forces.
True, but Gand are small and maneuverable and therefore more able to avoid full-on blows, a glancing blow is likely to do little damage. Also, the double-bladed weapon has several exploitable weaknesses, amplified by the fact that the stun module is at the tip of the weapon.

  • It is difficult to bring to bear in close-combat conditions, and as the stun module is only at the tip and it possess and large hilt it is extremely vulnerable to the Gand 'piercing touch' - basically a high-powered punch that will easily break apart a force pike and slam into squishy assassin flesh. Trandoshans have similar capabilities, slap the pike away with those powerful arms then lift the assassin up high and crack!

  • The defensive capabilities of the weapon are rendered further useless by the fact that they are unable to deflect blaster fire as a lightsaber would be. If their opponents can make some distance, the assassins are extremely vulnerable.

So basically if the element of surprise fails, the assassins leave themselves vulnerable in both close-combat and long range. And the heightened sense of Gand, Trandoshans and HK-50's is likely to somewhat negate those stealth capabilities. That advantage can be removed entirely if G0-T0 gets his hands on some tech that deactivates stealth fields, like we see on multiple occasions in SWTOR e.g. on Balmorra. And as he has unlimited assess to the black market this is a high possibility.

However like you said, the real Sith pose a considerable threat. However if G0-T0 has his HKs he's got an edge against them, sonic screamers, flamethrowers, carbonite projectors, cluster rockets etc. will break their concentration and leave them vulnerable to attack from his other forces.

Lets also remember that the attack on the academy only needs to be a distraction while the droids get the MSG back online and reactivate it.