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The prequels were incredibly terrible, but all of the "inconsistencies" I've ever heard of turn out to be hair splitting silly reasoning garbage, so I'm curious as to what you all consider to be inconsistent.
TBH I'm much less concerned with the inconsistencies as I am the general ****tiness of the prequels. But there are some glaring ones, like Leia knowing her mother. You can call that hairsplitting, but the scene where she mentions it was touching, and then in the prequels her mom dies a second after she has the babies...kinda messing that up. And that's the inconsistency that bugs me the most...tonal inconsistency. Original trilogy has emotional depth. Prequels are like a little kid telling a story..."And then, and then, and then..."

A possible implication was that Luke and Leia's mother had lived on Alderaan with her for a short time before succumbing to either and illness or grief or whatever. That's why Leia has memories of her and Luke, who was sent to Tattooine, doesn't. Maybe she was from Alderaan and that's why she went there with her baby? Maybe she was a queen or a member of the royal family and that's why Leia is a princess? I find this a much more interesting connection to the original trilogy than some random planet where some random queen is trapped by a trade embargo that serves no purpose and then and then and then...meh.
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