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Finally, someone understands that the class story was basically a way to roll everyone into the same story. It let you have your rise to power story which gets wrapped up nicely into the entire story of the galaxy.
It's difficult to say how much our class story pieces will come in to play, if at all. I HOPE that we will see, for instance, some of the NPCs from our class stories make appearances. I don't want to get my hopes up for that, though.

I'm keeping a cautiously open mind to how well this will all work, and how much re-playability there will be in Makeb.

On my first character in SWTOR, I felt like every part of it was "my story". But the more alts I rolled, the more my immersion became dispersed with the general planetary stuff. I'm not sure how individualized the quests can be, besides NPCs recognizing your class and key achievements in the story.
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