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people that struggle with these should get fraps or something and post some videos of there attemtps

just posting text is difficult to respond to, these missions are so incredibly easy, it's hard to believe people struggle with them at all. With a video it would be much easier to help you
The video suggestion really is great, i just don't know how to record ingame video, if I did I'd definitely post the failures I've had to get corrections. I've tweaked my strategy a bit and tried moving around the screen in large circles, I'm also pinpointing exactly when to fire the EMP and Electronic Warfare.

Even with these tweaks I've only barely managed to complete a few of the missions. The aforementioned Lorta Escort, and now Kanz Minefield (this took me nearly 20+ tries...and I still barely beat it) and Cha Raaba Assault.

I guess the key is to continue practicing until I have it all down pat...