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Well, if we want to be strict in our arguments w/r/t canon, remember that Mako is an SiS clone. The SiS are Republic. It's been established in canon that the Republic has used Kaminoans to make clones (albeit in the future of this timeline; however it can be argued that the Mako clone project could have set a precedent). Not only that, but it also seems that Kaminoans are one of a very few races who actually clone.

From what we know about Kaminoans, they use age acceleration in their cloning process so as to make the clones more economically viable as they are ready sooner. Accepting this, it is no stretch to assume that Mako and her "sisters" were, therefore, age accelerated as well. So, while her chronological age may be 16, her actual biological age could be 20+ realistically. Couple that with any age- accelerated training she may have received, and it's plausible to posit that she has the maturity of someone in her early to mid-20s as well.

Hopefully this suffices as a means to assuage any guilt you may feel.

tl;dr: It's make believe. Get over it.

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