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Quote: Originally Posted by BanthaRaider View Post
Maybe its time for this: U cant finish the Heroic space missions? think they are
to hard?

If u can get it on video.. show us 1 or 2 attempts. With G7 gear this missions are easy as hell.
Once i see a new post about " uhuh Heroic space is impossible and to hard" i only get in mind.. this guy crushes into asteroids or crates all the time or this couldnt be true.

Maybe its really lag on a few machines but for the rest.. if u can get it on video.. upload and link it into this chat so ppl
can help and suggest whats going wrong
A few things:

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging and supportive. I really do appreciate it and its pushed me to keep trying despite failing more often than not. I actually just completed Lorta Escort by the skin of my teeth, but am getting the hang of that one at least.

As far as what I'm doing wrong...I keep seeing that I need to use my keys to move while my mouse to aim and fire. The problem is, when I move my mouse, the ship moves int hat direction as well, contradicting where I want to go with my keys, is there a way to shut that off? Is that working as intended?

Also, to BanthaRaider, I used to be a member of LXB back in the day in SWG, I know they're on PUB side now, but did the guild reconstitute on IMP?

EDIT: Completed Mission was Lorta Escort not Duma Strike...