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Nice guide. I have a guardian tank and I also run as a hybrid, although that looks like it will change in 2.0. My only significant difference of opinion would be in your rotation. You have Master Strike (MS) at the bottom.... not sure why. I use my throw and leap first, then maybe a sunder, and then I'm right into MS. I want that things cool down timer to start asap so I can use it again. Plus with unremitting you don't have to worry about getting knocked back during its channel.

I'll will try to use some of your AOE threat holding tips for sure. That has always been one area where I have struggled.
I have Master Strike so low on priority because all it does is damage (and threat). My methodology when tanking is to maximize my survivability unless I have aggro issues. Since Master Strike doesn't add to survivability I feel it can wait, it being on a long CD helps solidify this as it exists outside of a normal rotation.

My rotation lets me get all my survivability up quickly, gets my 2 heaviest short CD hitters (Blade Storm and OHS) on CD and back off CD quickly while rounding it out with Master Strike once everything else is on CD. I also like to get Blade Storm up early so the DoT is ticking away during the important parts. Admittedly OHS doesn't add survivability but the CD syncs up nicely with Blade Storm allowing me a second use early on.

In regards to knock backs, most PvE mobs that have a knock back tend to use it as soon as you're in melee range whereas bosses tend to have more predicable knock backs.

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Nice to have all the up to date info in one place, thanks for taking the time to put this together.

From my own experience, I can't get away with starting with a sunder without loosing agro at that exact second, forcing me to waste a taunt before having enough threat to boost myself. For example:

1 - Saber Throw
2 - Force Leap
3 - Sundering Strike < This is where I would loose threat.
4 - Blade Storm
5 - Force Sweep
6 - Sundering Strike

Regardless of the shortcomings, I don't have this happen in full Immortal where I would begin with a smash rather then a sunder. I suppose its not important in the grand scheme of things and is based on how dps behave, but I always expect them to be at least a single global cooldown behind the tank, and popping those adrenals and relics right off the bat.
I tell my DPS to start their 2 second head start from when I leap in rather than when I throw which helps. Throw and Leap are all about the Focus rather than the threat but a lot of DPS seem to hate waiting or using their auto attack. I STILL see people leap onto Soa and unload on him while he has his shield up at the start.

I like to use Sunder early since it's extra Focus and therefore threat, sunder debuff helps with the rest of my abilities (unless there is a 'Slinger) and I need the 8 Focus to dump into Blade Storm and OHS off the bat. It also helps sync my rotation early but that's a personal preference rather than a mechanical advantage. If its a fight where I know I can't lose aggro for even a second AND the DPS can't give me a couple of seconds to build threat AND I can't taunt boost I use a Power Adrenal on my opener. I'm a Biochem so its free and I've got plenty of other CDs to use before my Absorb Adrenal comes of CD.

On that note, when it comes to DPS I've never understood the "pop everything at the start" mentality they have. Waiting 15 seconds before going ballistic rarely costs the use of a CD, relic or adrenal. In fact I often find myself holding off on my final use of those CDs for the final burn phases when DPSing and adding that 'downtime' to the front of the fight makes it a lot easier on the tanks.

EDIT: I've update the opening rotation in the original post. Apparently I wrote this before I changed my rotation to allow a second use of OHS and Blade Storm in the opener.
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