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I really haven't had that sort of experience at all, but I've been on the Republic side not the Empire side. I have not tried randomly RPing with people in Cantinas either, but most of those are just idling there for the resting exp. But, If people learn to RP by following the examples of the built in storylines and npc interaction, on the Empire side everyone is going to be a jerk and try to push you around and be your superior, even if they're not. The game teaches that. There's no real middleground on a lot of the built in storyline, either you're a psychotic wacko or a saint a lot of times.

Like everyone has said, if you want RP even on this RP server, you need to join a RP guild. I'd ask around in General on the fleet for a RP guild. People usually rank them 'heavy' or 'light' RP. Or /cjoin RP and ask on there. I don't know about SW:TOR, but elsewhere the convention seemed to be that OOC was put in parenthesis or double parenthesis, or just prefaced with OOC. I guess there's a guild recruiitment forum for the server too.

I noticed your sig has 'Bounty Hunter' in it. A friend of mine who RPs on the Empire side pointed out that Bounty Hunters tend to be 2nd class citizens in the Empire. Alien races too, obviously.