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Maybe its time for this: U cant finish the Heroic space missions? think they are
to hard?

If u can get it on video.. show us 1 or 2 attempts. With G7 gear this missions are easy as hell.
Once i see a new post about " uhuh Heroic space is impossible and to hard" i only get in mind.. this guy crushes into asteroids or crates all the time or this couldnt be true.

Maybe its really lag on a few machines but for the rest.. if u can get it on video.. upload and link it into this chat so ppl
can help and suggest whats going wrong
This is a good idea. With a vid of what you're doing we could pin point what's going wrong for you. Are you using the A S W D keys along with the mouse when you're in open areas?

The lasers are not heat seeking as some have said. They track you yes. Stay in one position then pop up to another part of the screen and you'll see they'll still be firing at your last position, then pop to another part of the screen. They'll be one step behind you. When the small fighters are coming at you fire at them but use the A S D and W keys to go in a circle while you control your reticle with the mouse. You won't get hit nearly as much as some have alluded to.

Nobody expects someone new to these missions to get them on the first or second shot. It took me about 4-6 tries to beat Cha Raaba. Then, it took me another 2-3 times when I was first getting used to it to beat it. Now, I can beat it regularly. Don't give up, keep plugging away. Get us a vid, and we can give you more advice then the general stuff.