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You might want to try downgrading your Beam Generator to the Rendili Hyperworks Beam Generator instead of the Blast Condenser. I know the math means 6 bolts x 200 damage is better than 10 bolts x 100 (or 110 depending on upgrades) but in practice the missions contain so many one-hit-kill nuisances that I find the extra blaster damage less appealing than hitting enemies faster. I find it much easier to complete missions using the following equipment;

Ship Armour - G6 (extra health isn't required when you learn how to dodge plus gives extra 5 blaster damage)
Shield Regen -G7 or G6. (G7 means you can take more hits, G6 is an extra 5 blaster damage)
Energy Shield - G7
Beam Charger - G7
Beam Generator - G6
Missile Magazine - G7
Power Converter - G7
EMP - G7
Warfare Pod - G7
Proton Torpedos

I run the missions on multiple characters, they take a good number of attempts to learn the circuits and work out when its best to use EMP, Warfare Pod and power converter but once you get "it" the missions become very easy. I also subscribe to the circle about the screen method, barrel rolling has gotten me into more trouble than its saved me from.