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It gets very very tiresome when you do log in to fleet and General is full of petty whining about how GF or ranked pvp doesn't pop and it's all BW's fault for not merging us when if they'd taken the time to read more forums here they'd see that it's not just a low pop issue and that heavy pop servers have the same issues.
Actually, that's not entirely accurate. While I can't speak for ranked pvp, I can definitely say that heavy populated servers have LFG queue times that are (with rare exceptions) relatively quick. These are rough estimates, but on my dps, doing hm fps, I'd say a wait time of about 5-20 min is pretty normal. Heals is instant to about 10 min. (Can't speak to tanks.) Regular pvp (both pre-50 and at 50), instantaneous to 2 min. More population does make a difference when you're talking about queue pops.
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