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I play a madness assassin, an I am thouroughly dissapointed.

Let me first point out some of the things BIoware has done that is ...well for ME a no no.

Melee / Short range
I am a madness ASSASSIN not a sorcerer. Stop taking away my melee attacks.

You moved duplicity out of reach, yet gave tank assassins a way for not only cheap, but frontal mauls. Why in the world did you take one of the two melee attacks we actually used (excluding assasinate) and not give us a way / reason to use it properly? I am honestly confused as hell by this.

You removed unearthed knowledge. Shock has always been a gamble to use, you press it and HOPE for that second chain shock proc. If it hits WOOT, if it doesnt hit, wasnt really worth the GCD got 10% melee dmg buff, and thrash / maul are a huge part of your damage, so it was okay, its worth it. Not anymore, shock has no place on my bar.

So you took 2 of my short range or melee attacks and left me with thrash, saber strike, dots, and death field. Great, im a sorcerer now.

Force Management-

So tanks get 30% force regen, and a ton of talents to reduce the force cost on things. Deception tree gets force regen in stealth / for a time out of stealth, and force regen on saber charge procs. Madness gets....their force regen mechanic removed from the game....fantastic.

Oh and lets not forget you made death field cost MORE force, cause now we can only get it down to 30 cost instead of 25.

Now I spend a good 1/4 my time saber striking.

Additions -

My opinions on the additional skills are as follows.

Force Horrors - Excellent, much needed as our dots have always been silly in damage compared to say, a pyrotech whos gas cylinder ticks as hard as CD / CT combined. Could up that to 15% imo and still be safe.

Lingering Nightmare - Excellent, always wondered why we didnt have this, very welcome addition, Crushing Darkness has always been one of the main reasons I picked madness, I loved the ability and wanted reason to use it. Thats not the whole reason I picked it, but its one of em.

Lightning Burns - ...*** is this? It does jack crap for damage, and it eats a deathmark that could be better used on a dot that actually matters. This talent actually LOWERS my dps.

Lambaste - LOLWUT? Adding 200 dmg to an already crappy aoe that eats a huge amount of our now hard to maintain force does not make said crappy aoe worth using. Anyone who takes this talent is silly. If this applied lightning DISCHARGE, that'd be a different story. Like PT flame sweep proccing gas cylinder. Not sure why we got the short end of the stick here.

Shapeless Spirit - I PvP a lot. A LOT. This is amazing, thank you, I love this talent, I was all googly eyed and happy when I saw it until I realized it still didnt matter because I cant do crap in pvp now.

Bloodletting - Er, I can see the use in PvE ...somewhat. In PvP why the heck would I care? If they're that low I am just going to assassinate them anyway. Even in PvE this is ,,,,meh.

Crit cap changes and madness dps / survival -

So you changed the soft cap on crit to 20%..... well guess where a huge portion of our damage is from? Dots, and guess what one of our major talents does for those dots? 30% crit damage. This hurt out numbers BAD.

Lets look at our only survival mechanism (deception has ability to hit tank like DR, tanks are....tanks) parasitism. This "talent" actually costs FOUR talent points to fully maximize its potential. When our dots crit they heal us for 2% of our hp. I say again when our dots CRIT. CRIT. SEE ARE EYE TEE. Lowering the crit cap also hit us there -_-

PvP as Madness now -

Our rotation is not overly simplified to the point I feel like I am playing a smash juggernaut (aka not playing at all really) but we have absolutely no way to actually kill someone before they kill us. Duplicity was a huge part of our killing power in PvP, in fact I dare anyone to prove to me they can kill a healer without a duplicity proc maul or two in there. You cant, you just cant. Unless they're in pve gear. Or afk. or dead irl. or all of those.

So! My suggestions -

Calculated Mind - put it back.

Duplicity - I wont say put it back, as you've given tanks their own reason to use maul, and now deception has their own reason, I want my own reason. I dont wanna use deceptions. Give me a reason and ability to use maul, darnit. I AM AN ASSASSIN.

Haunted Dreams - Why did you take away my insta whirlwind again? I am a bit confused here, put it back.

Lightning Burns - drastically increase the damage, or make it not consume death marks. Preferably both. This is currently poop.

Bloodletting- I honestly dont know what to suggest here, I am sure some people will like this, however it seems you just gave us the same thing as other dot classes because we didnt have it. Seems extremely lazy. I would say just make this even more + dot dmg, say another 9% at all times for us pure madness people that go that far up.

Lambaste - Make it apply discharge effect not just the charge proc. Or just, you know...get rid of it. Or change it into something that procs maul. But not off lacerate. Lacerate sucks balls. Big ones. Elephant ones.

Phase Gate - This is neat. Thats about it, its neat. I see very little use for it for madness. With force speed I can get in and out of fights, I didnt really need a new mechanic to do it. In pvp the range it meh, the cooldown is too long, and it does nothing but move me somewhere else. Its good to escape and sit there until I am out of combat and hope they dont know where I put my gate. But then again, I can just vanish and shroud. Add a mechanic to one of our talents to do something like, give us DR when on or near it, reset our cooldowns when we teleport to it, I dunno, it seems stupid atm.

TL; DR - I am an assassin, stop making me a sorcerer with a saber staff. New skills suck, new talents mostly suck, our dps sucks, whoever made these changes needs to get a spankin.
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