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03.07.2013 , 08:42 PM | #8
in the Cartel Market, when there is an option to purchase an unlock for a character, or for your account, click the BUY NOW button. A new window will pop up inside the Cartel Market window, giving you the option to buy either the character version or the account version.

So, for example, for the Artifact Equipment authorization, when you click the BUY NOW button, the new window will give you the option to spend 1200 coins for the character unloock, or 2700 for the account unlock. Click on the one you want to buy, then the "complete purchase" button (below them in the new window) to actually buy the selected unlock. I believe the new window has the character unlock highlighted by default, so if you want the account unlock, make sure you select that one before you complete the purchase.