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I think the situation is not so simply as some of you stated,merging the PvE-PvP-RP server is going to be very difficult if not impossible,RP players like PvE and PvP players have a totally different approach to the game,i know this because i`m playing in a PvE server and a RP as well,when in the first type of server the people are rushing to get the laterst gear and after get familiar with Flashpoints and Operations tend to skip every single dialoge and shortcut all the contents,the RP players take a more patient and slow approach to the game,and of course the PvP server tend to speed up things as well.
so i don`t think that merge them would be good,easy to say here but very hard to handle,i`m my humble opinion we should let BioWare figure the best solution for all of us,let`s just wait a little bit more,anyway they stated that this is one of their primary issue at the moment.
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