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Selentar...Andronikos' statements at the end...<3 <3 <3. That is all.

kabeone, I wondered about Scourge's turning point. Excellent setting for it
@bright canon Ruth/Wynston morning after is very telling and it seems to be from a time when they were both far less jaded yet still highly suspicious (Wynston obviously already jaded, I believe I mentioned noticing he never thinks of Ruth by name)
On class-quest Dromund Kaas Ruth was still just practicing running down her father's list of warnings: Be watchful for this and this and that, take this and that into account at all times. She practiced caution as well as she knew how, but she didn't know what hardness is until much later.

I hadn't even realized that Wynston didn't think of her by name. Obviously he has it on file, but it honestly didn't come to mind while I was writing.

Sevasht/Vette! <3<3<3 She should be glad he never tells her about the other way he could keep their conversations going (the super aweful never take off her collar option). I giggled all the way through.
That possibility is so horrible I hadn't even thought of it...I love it

I'm going to call this a perverse and, once again, rather bitter Affection now that I have Wynston and Kaliyo on the mind. Did I mention she brings out the worst in him? Based on one of Kaliyo's in-game conversations, so convo spoilers. 1700 words.


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