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Quote: Originally Posted by SpannersSF View Post
I don't think there is any danger of it being rushed..

Already said I don't have the time or inclination to re-roll, infact you quoted me saying that.

This isn't "negativity" it's asking for a resolution in a sane timeframe or at least some real information as to what's going on. Real information not "haven't forgotten see you in a few months!".

To be honest I couldn't care less about what you find tiresome or your claims (which I'm sure you've just plucked out of thin air) that asking for this to be resolved is driving people away from the game faster than the low population in APAC. Also the hyperbole "nothing but whining" is pretty weak, I've seen the topic mentioned once in general on my server in the last few weeks.

I've never said a word "ingame" and have made I think four forums posts in the last 2-3months so I'm pretty certain I'm not the cause of the whinging and drama that have driven you friends away supposedly.

Anyway last post for me on this topic, I've said my bit, hopeful you guys sort this out as I like the game and the community.
Sorry guys but I think a few may have taken what I said that was directed at a small group of rather immature posters here and people in game a little personally. Not intended, yes there are plenty of people here who do do the right thing and yes you do have the right to ask for clarification. (By the way, I never said it's driving people away faster, but I know of just as many people who have quit recently or dialled back their play because they're tired of the drama more so the pop issues)

But my post was directed more to those who continually complain in game on general chat or post here in an immature fashion over and over again. It gets very very tiresome when you do log in to fleet and General is full of petty whining about how GF or ranked pvp doesn't pop and it's all BW's fault for not merging us when if they'd taken the time to read more forums here they'd see that it's not just a low pop issue and that heavy pop servers have the same issues.

Constant whinging like that actually makes the problem worse because it highlights the issue to people who may not have realised there was a problem and makes them think negatively about the game. Think of a new player coming into fleet for the first time full of excitement and the first thing they see in chat is a massive whingefest about server pop... what do you think that player is going to think of the game?

It creates a massive snowball effect and starts to bring the whole community down. I'm sure we've all been somewhere where there's been a Party Pooper or a negative influence that's ended up making everyone around them feel like ****. It's the same principle. Nobody likes to be stuck with the party pooper, so why would anyone want to put themselves in the GF queue if they're likely going to get stuck with someone who whinges about how long it took to get a group?

What I'm suggesting, as I have suggested before, is that people help themselves and the community by dropping the toy chucking routine and get on with the game. Yes keep coming here asking for answers, in a mature fashion. Just let the water flow under the bridge for a while, ask people to group up instead of complaining that no one does. Be patient and you know what, if it's still not making you happy log off and play something else. Kicking up a stink just creates a toxic community, and nobody wants to play in a toxic community.

Who knows, if the server is nicer to play on more people might just stick around and yes, the problem may just fix itself. Just a thought...