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Well ehem dishing ppl for they're abilites to play "toons" correclty in game of mechanics is kind of pointless to "not respect they're role".

Roleplay - you play something your not.

Already there I'd arrest you as not being the most amicable of players to interact with in this setting.
While they're skills may be bad, maybe they got good henchmen on they're list to do the dirty work?

That said, besides the already pointed out advise :
* Join a rp-guild etc.

I would generally ask the participants of that rp in pm's to join or type (ooc) and ask a question in spatial if you can join etc.
Alot of the rp'ers have put alot of effort and hours into makeing "big arc's of rp", so when mr random stumbles in its just an annoyance/interuption and they just can "fit you into they're story either".
Some of the stuff takes alot of hrs and may have a "script" that they follow etc.

The most describeing way to give an example is this :
Your at the movies watching it with a friend.
the movie is scripted and not open to additional elements as its rolling on the silverscreen right.
then all of a sudden one of the audience members decide to jump up infront of the screen and act out, talk to the ppl on the screen, then getting moody cause he dont get replies back and they ignore him.

Not to be rude, but just barging into a crowd of rp'ers doing they're thing is abit invasive tbh or seen as it from those already engaged in the rp.

Not meaning to be rude or nothing, just wanted to give you a perspective on why your treated as you are.

A link with abit of input :

Most likely the crowds you've run into are abit "strict/stuckup" rp'ers that is "too serious" for most casual rp'ers.