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Hello Everyone,
Some of you may know me most of you probably don't but i wanted to talk about some of the struggles i have encountered as a new player. This is mostly relating to roleplaying.

The first major issue I encounter is that I rarely meet roleplayers who are friendly and welcoming. I have tried going to the cantina and approaching someone and rping and I am often ignored or treated poorly. I would think that rping is a "the more the merrier" kind of function so long as everyone is looking to participate in good spirits. It is pretty discouraging and it really makes me want to grief and/or not help you whenever possible if that was the reception I received.

The second issue I see is that most people roleplay that they are the greatest and most powerful person in the galaxy. If you are level 11 and keyboard turn with terrible grammar it is hard for me to allow you to roleplay as a sith lord... just sayin. To treat me as a lap dog, when given the chance I could wipe the floor with your ability clickin, keyboard turning, incorrectly geared character.

Maybe I am just old fashioned and out of the loop, but my last real roleplaying experience was in star wars galaxies and it was great. Duels and willingness to help train others is what decided council members. It was great because the people who were your superiors in the guild were useful and respected. I have been in several guilds here and most of the council members can not spec or gear properly. How can I be your apprentice when you fail to grasp basic game mechanics?

Sorry if this turned into a rant, but in my time here I am absolutely in love with this game. i joined this server because i wanted to rp again, but in my experience I either get a cold shoulder or an imbecile demanding I call him master and do his bidding.

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