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03.07.2013 , 12:47 PM | #1
My main character is a 50 Conceal/lethality concealment Operative, however i maxed synthweaving after already having max biochem on my other 50, it feels so useless and wasted time/skill to have.
What should i get instead? It feels like i can buy wz med packs +exotech stims(or whatever the new will be in 2.0)
but what craft skills are usefull?

I do dailys, gonna try and do some raids if op will be usefull other then that i only pvp.

Also got 4x Marauder i plan on doing moore pve but still mainly pvp with, i put biochem on him, but same there, can use exotech and wz med packs..

Thnx for all ur help and suggestions