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03.07.2013 , 08:57 AM | #17
Well, I think another important reason why Defense should be preferred for PvP tanks (at least for now) that Kitru didn't mention is the ability to avoid negative effects tied to attacks. For example, defending a charge from a Knight/Warrior means you don't get rooted, defending a legshot from a Sniper/Gunslinger means no root, defending a Carnage Marauder's attacks means no root... huge helps for something like Huttball, where PvP tanks are most important.

There's other examples too besides roots, for example if a Pyro Powertech hits you with railshot, it'll reset his CGC which ticks immediately, defending means you not only avoid the railshot damage, but also the extra CGC damage.

All that said, 2.0 will be here somewhat soon, and with it and its changes shields will likely push ahead of defense for PvP tanks, but I wouldn't say defense will become worthless for the reasons I listed above, and the ability to avoid effects tied to certain attacks.