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03.07.2013 , 08:27 AM | #9
I cope, by just ignoring the whole mess..
I too, saw "Star Wars" when it first came out, in a theater and it marked my memory. I can still remember walking out of the theater thinking, "Wow..".
Darth was the coolest "bad guy" I'd ever seen or have ever seen since.. He's the benchmark ALL try to live up to. Who the heck is the whiny, (no talent) kid on the screen in "Daddy's Big Boots"? That ain't Darth.. Obi 1, starts acting like an old man, long before he's an old man.. And Windu, he's just an idiot with a cool stick. In the whole mess, not one character acted like a leader..

Granted, Lucas had a lot to live up to, but come on.. not even close!
(And no one ever seems to mention how creepy it was for Padma to fall in love with a little kid.. Ewww...Or reverting the Force to some little bugs inside someone? That's a disgrace.)