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This thread is dedicated to the awesome time I had last night while PvP'ing in the lowbie league.

I went on my Sentinel, L47 Watchman and decided to only PvP, to farm commendations by the time I hit 50. Last night, I solo queued for around 20 matches and my win ratio was at least 80% of those matches.

Some were close, others were complete roll overs. In two matches, I entered late but we were able to turn things around to a certain extent (Civil War: when I entered, the enemy had 2 nodes, we only one. But we took a second node, held it for a good long time, but then two decided to be a hero and go for third and we lost. Yes, this is bad. The second one was huttball)

And it's not like I always played with the same people as well. Sometimes I came across the same people, but usually I saw 7 completely different names than before.

So for me, I just wanted to say this:

The future of Republic PvP is bright, as there are people willing to communicate and work together, even in PUG's.

My ingame name was Nadobo, holler if you were part of the epicness last night!
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