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Lol, yep, I repeatedly rez'd back to the Medical Driod during a Flashpoint not realising that it reset the boss-dude and his lackies!! I had to learn to just lie there dead and wait for help after the 3rd or 4th time....

Funniest mistake was seeing an odd looking depression in the ground on Voss during the Bonus set of quests, (it's at the Imp Outpost below the building on the hill). Thought: 'wonder what happens if I jump in here' and promptly got stuck: but /stuck did nothing since I was more trapped on all sides and unable to jump out & not actually stuck... Also, had just used my QT so couldn't use that...&...being an early character had a looongg cool down. I'd used Fleet Pass less than a day earlier so, yep, still on cool down. Lesson learnt there too.
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