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I'm the node guarder for my rwz team, running 23/1/17. Was wondering if it's really worth going full DPS gear since I only hit about 22k with end-stim at most, which is arguably worse than letting go of some power mods and getting a little bit more HP with endurance mods since more HP (26-27k) = longer time to stall attackers for some1 to come and help me?

or should I just keep my dps gear and try to become a master of 1v1s?

sorry if this question has been answered, really tired so haven't been reading that thoroughly
Really depends how your team wants you to do it. My team generally just wants me to stall until help gets there so I run it in tank gear. The philosophy behind this is what if they decide to send one more in stealth, or they send a similarly spec'd shadow/'sin who can just lift/whirlwind you then you get capped on. Better to play the sap/cc until help arrives strat to ensure not losing a game that you're already winning because your team took an unnecessary risk.

However, there have been times when the dps race on the main node is so close that they can't spare one person, in which case I try to switch to dps gear in time for the impending 1v1. This very rarely happens though.
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