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(First: If you love the prequels, post somewhere else. This thread is for those of us who were epically disappointed)

Now, of course I cope by just being all "**** it" but from a story standpoint, the prequels still need addressing. The story was bad, and inconsistent with things said in ep4, 5, and 6. So which wins when inconsistencies and contradictions hit?

This is how I figure it. If we pretend that these things actually happened (which they didn't) and that the stories we've been told were passed down through history, the original trilogy is likely the more accurate, because it was witnessed by Luke, Han, and Leia who won at Endor and passed the story on to their children.

The prequels were witnessed by Obi-Wan who hid in a desert for 20 years and we've already heard all he passes on to Luke about what happened (which is inconsistent in facts and tone with the filmed prequels). This means to flesh out the story of the prequels historians would have needed hearsay accounts, and indirect witnesses. Probably the most accurate parts of the prequels are the political bits because those would have had public records, but the story of Anikan's fall was personal and the people involved were either unavailable or dead when a record was made. Since I don't see Luke and Leia making up a story to fill the gap, I have to believe that some storyteller or record keeper fictionalized the fall of AS (made up the details) which is why it's so inconsistent and bad.

This explains how you get ridiculous elements like Anikan being concieved by the force, midi-chlorians, Obi-Wan not wanting to train the boy, then for weak reasons training him anyway, the council not wanting to train him, then for no reason whatsoever deciding to allow training him, the ridiculously unbelievable love story in which Anikan acts like a creepy douche 99% of the time yet still convinces Padme to marry him after 3 days, Mace Windu and all the Jedi's epic stupidity, etc.

So...that's how I deal. The prequels are a poor record of what happened and the original trilogy is an accurate historical account.

How do you cope? (and if your response is "I just don't care" then I just don't care :P)