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Chapter 30

Collapsing mine, Mandalore
115 days ABDK

Quinn ran through the cave, hearing the rocks collapse behind him. He knew they needed to get out of here, now. He grabbed Jaesa by the shoulder and ran with her.

A rock fell in front of her and she shrieked in surprise. Quinn pulled her around and kept running. They’d never make it, he saw. There was no way they would ever be able to get to the exit before the entire mine imploded.

So, Quinn decided that there were more important things than his own life. Methic and the others were already out, all except Jaesa.

With a quick shove, he sent Jaesa flying out of the cave. He felt a moment’s peace before a rock slammed down on his spine and he saw black.

* * *

Gault saw Mako stop beside him and cursed the girl for a fool. She had a baby, didn’t she know that? She was endangering that poor soul!

“Get out of here, blast you!” he yelled.

Of course, Mako being Mako, she ignored him. Finally, with an angry growl, he grabbed her forcefully and pushed her away.

“Go!” he said. His face softened into sadness. “Tell the baby his Uncle Gault died like a hero.”

Tears poured down Mako’s cheeks, but she only nodded, turned, and ran. Gault sighed in relief and lay back to await the end.

* * *

Tran’thar’s crew had made it out of the cave before it collapsed…all except for Khem Val, and Tran’thar himself.

Tran’thar pushed on, hoping he or Khem could push the rocks open and get out. But suddenly a rock fell and smacked him straight between the lekku, and he was out.

* * *

Jasin stopped outside and looked around. His entire crew had gotten out, he saw to his relief, as had Gareb’s and Dankin’s, and Havoc Squad.

But Methic was holding a weeping Jaesa while Vette patted her back comfortingly, and Jasin was pretty sure he knew what that meant. He went over to speak to his brother.

* * *

Dha looked around. Mako was safe, and Torian and Blizz and Skadge…where was Gault? He had been with Mako.

Dha glanced up at her. Tears fell down her cheeks, and he was sure he knew what it meant.

“Gault’s…still in there?” Skadge asked. He roared. “NO! We’re a family!”

Dha’s eyes widened in surprise as Skadge charged the collapsed mine.