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Well, I learned English at school and the very first time I saw Star Wars, it was in synchronized German version as a child, before I even had my first English lessons...

When I started watching the original versions of Star Wars, I must admit I was completely shocked that she had a relatively coarse and deep voice. The joke in Spaceballs where you the Princess singing in a bass voice was completely lost on me, only knowing the German version. When first watched Star Wars in English I instantly and painfully understood that scene. In a way I consider Carrie Fisher an anti-Jack Nicholson in that regard (Jack Nicholson is just too good to be synchronized, The Shining in German is outright boring and Batman looses half of its fun). Consequently, the Star Wars movies (Ep. IV - VI) are the only movies which I like better in the synchronized version than the original.

But of course I'd like to see the Princess again. I wonder whether she's still princess after the destruction of Alderaan, though.
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