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12.21.2011 , 03:56 AM | #16
Every guild officer should care about soloist, they are potential valuable members for their guild... Seriously, this is a Massively Multiplayer game. How selfish people are becoming is just horrible... Like in real life... Really sad.

Unlike some people, I think the "premade" guilds was a great idea when you get 200 servers running and you want to be able to stick with your friends... Without this kind of stuff, you sometime not be able to play with them... Which is really, really frustrating.

In any case, there IS a problem around the instances and the people available to go through the missions. They forgot to put some "dungeon team builder" (WOW like). And I Think they are keeping population under some levels just to make sure there is people on every server they opened, but I find this amount really low compared to the beta test.

Don't know why. Hope this will change in the future, the next days untill new year are critical.