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I've not really seen many Imps on the planets I've been on recently (Hoth and Belsavis). But I like the fact that just because they're Imps doesn't mean they gotta be bad all the time. The other day I'm on Belsavis and I pass a couple Imps along the roadway, and I swear they need to make this, we practically did the two-fingered biker wave as we sped by eachother. They could've killed me, but they didn't and I just laughed. I've learned from Alderaan not to kill a lone Imp while he's questing. A group and I were in Castle Panteer and saw some Imp a lvl or two below our lvl's and beat the snot out of him (I aid and abeded by healing). He comes back 5 minutes later with 3 lvl 50's NOT in a group so they simply sent their companions on us. Then proceeded to sit on our dead faces. We laughed though.
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