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We've all seen some amazingly boneheaded mistakes made in-game. And fess up - we've ALL been the player making the dumb mistake at one time or another.

I think my biggest idiot mistake was when I was level 20 and running with a crew on Athiss. I had no idea at the time that engaging emergency stealth would reset the main boss. I also had no idea that running out of the room would reset the boss (I figured he's chase me, like the boss from Jade Empire he was based on). Guess what I did both times, causing my poor teammates to have to fight the guy three times over? This is on top of leaping to my death in the opening act (by missing the platforms), getting lost (and going the wrong way), and stumbling into the giant beast by trying to sneak past it

Now the biggest mistake I saw lately? I was running with an old partner who made 50 about the same time I did (several months ago). We were doing Black Hole and she kept getting killed. Finally, I get "Inspect Player" to work (Bioware, we REALLY need this feature, and this anacdote is why). Well, she had sold off all of her Tionese gear because she hated the way it looked. (Perfectly reasonable - I hate the look of it, too.) Well, she had a set of adaptive armor she bought in the Cartel Market..but had no mods, armoring, or enhancements in any of her armor pieces, nor did she use a helmet (free to play and didn't like the look of the headgear). Her offhand was also empty - no focus, shield, second saber...empty. The next hour was spent crafting L49 enhancements for her gear out of my stash, getting her to buy armoring from the Mission Support vendor (not enough for all of her gear, but better than nothing), and trying to teach her why gear isn't just about how it looks on your character and/or fits your character concept. I'm hoping it sunk in.
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