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[/QUOTE]After a lot of thought on this (I find myself being slow sometimes XD), I believe it's inevitable that the prophecy becomes self fulfilling. I have been thinking of multiple "what ifs?" lately, and have concluded that the reason we fight the Emperor is because Scourge acted as he did because of his vision.

He basically paved the way for our encounters (present and future) with the Emperor. Whether Revan, Meetra and Scourge fought the true body or not, Scourge's actions alone are what bring us to the final battle, and what will likely have us beating down on the Emperor again.[/QUOTE]

I completely agree however I see the big picture differently. Heres my two cents on what happend.

It is obvious scourge either was kept in the dark about the voice, or he is the emperor's most successful agent. Here is the first cenario planned out.

As we all know, the emperor has had no issues surviving for over a thousand years without devouring entire planets. My theory is that the emperor has had all of this planned for hundreds of years to get a shot at the JK. Afterall he is a threat to the emperor. As soon as scourge was in contact with the emperor he was being played. The emperor kept him out of the loop with the existance of the hand, and the voices. It is more likely the emperor implanted scourge's vision of the galaxy dying, and the JK's face. Why you ask? Because he wanted scourge to believe that this was really going to happen, and to bait the JK into a trap with him, and possibly his true wrath waiting (the SW). Unfortunately because of sith politics Baras was battling the SW at the time, and the SW was not there to back up the voice. This is a entity that has had over a thousand years to scheme and plot to kill this one person who could harm him. There was really never a james bond doomsday vilan situation. As soon as the JK was out of the way he was free and clear to finally wipe out the jedi and the republic once and for all.

There is also the chance scourge has been working with the emperor the entire time and has been trying to bait the JK as previously stated.

That's just my theory.