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In a game where Operatives are getting buffed, there are so many better things to qq about. I guess some people don't like it when they're the ones on the receiving end of better damage.
Who ever likes receiving damage? This is dependant on who I play. My biggest though is the dps scoundrel operative. Second is dps assassin shadow. My jugg tank really doesn't have any issue 1v1 except against healers as I tend not to have the dps to take them down. Unless I can bait them to sniper has no issues either except someone e who can keep me stunned till dead. My sorc and sage both have issues with smashers and steathers. .y PT tends to get exposed by sniper slingers while my merc and commando both have issues with force users. My assassin and scoundrel have issues with better players then myself. My mara just seems to be squishy but can nuke healers quick.