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Tatile: Creepy and cryptic, I like it.

Selentar: I'm a pretty big fan of story mixing and enjoy how you did it, with them looking back at it and recalling it so we can get their interpretations of Quinn and the others.

NotLP: Changes/New Paths
Thanks for the feedback and responses on my first posts! Takes me forever to do about a thousand words because I get the plot and story out before focusing on sentence variety and the other details; I usually have to go over it a few times.
I couldn’t find much about mathematics on the Internet concerning Star Wars, so with my stories I’m just going to assume it is like Earth math. They do say it’s the universal language, right? There is slightly disturbing content concerning amputation that is referenced in this one, but I’m a normal human being and am grossed out fairly easily so there is no gore. Takes place sometime after the first one. 1,162 words. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed.